Tourism in Kibuye



Kibuye is a beautiful city in Rwanda located on the eastern side of Lake Kivu in Western Province. It is the capital of the Western Province. The distance from Kigali to Kibuye by road is 128.5Km. It typically takes around 2 hours to travel from Kigali to Kibuye by road.

Best Time to Visit

The dry season from June to September is the best time to visit.

Top Places to Visit in Kibuye

  1. St Pierre Church

While a good number of memorials in Rwanda are stark reminders of the past atrocities, the genocide memorial church of St Pierre is a beautiful, calm and evocative testament to the strength of the human spirit. The interior is adorned with colourful mosaics and vivid stained-glass windows, while outside a small brick annex displays skulls and bones from some of the 11,000 people who were killed by a drunken mob here. There are no set opening hours or entry fee, but someone is normally available to open up. To find the church, take the first exit from the roundabout at the entrance to the town if you’re arriving from Kigali and you’ll come to the church on your right around 300m up the road.

2. Bisesero Genocide Memorial

About 30km southeast from Kibuye, the small village of Bisesero is home to stunning scenery and a stirring genocide memorial. During the early days of the genocide, more than 50,000 Tutsis fled here in the hope of evading the Interahamwe. For more than a month, these brave individuals were able to fend off their aggressors with little more than basic farming implements.

3. Museum of the Environment

This smart museum on Kibuye’s lake shore has educational displays about energy sources and the environmental impact of different types of fuel sources. It won’t appeal to anyone who knows anything about sustainability, but there is an excellent rooftop garden with a collection of native plants, each with explanations of their use in traditional medicine.

4. Waterfall in Kibuye

About 25km from Kibuye along the road to Kigali, keep an eye out for this 100m-high waterfall. Buses usually slow down and helpful locals are quick to point it out.

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