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Rosario is the third-largest city in Argentina, birthplace of Che Guevara and Lionel Messi, and home to artists and thousands of students. Located along the Paraná River, the city has lots of green spaces and a few beaches where people love to congregate and socialize. Known for its neoclassical buildings, great food, and fantastic waterfront, here are several things to do in this patriotic city.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to visit Rosario for ideal weather are January to April based on average temperature and humidity.

Top Places to Visit in Rosario

1. Monumento a la Bandera

This monument to the national flag of Argentina is a great place to begin your exploration of Rosario. The flag was first unveiled in Rosario after its design, and this is one of the city’s few real tourist attractions. With wide open spaces, an enormous flag, and an eternal flame in memory of the armed forces, it’s quite impressive and patriotic. You can climb to the top of the main tower for great views, or just take photos amongst the huge columns made out of stone from the Andes. If you come in the morning, you can watch the raising of the flag at 8:15 AM each day.

2. Statue of Che Guevara

Rosario is the birthplace of the famous Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and you can walk past his former home within the city. It’s located in a neoclassical building on Entre Rios 480, though it’s a private apartment now so you can’t go inside. There’s also a 4-meter tall statue made from 75,000 pieces of donated bronze that was erected in his memory located along 27 de Febrero. It’s set in a plaza named in his honor. If that’s not enough for you, there are always plenty of the ubiquitous t-shirts with his likeness on them in Argentina.

3. Theater El Círculo

Inaugurated in 1904, this historic theater was renovated in 2004 to celebrate its 100th anniversary. It now functions as a cultural center and stage for many international performers from rock bands to operas. It has room for 1,450 people within its five levels and the dome of the main room is painted with magnificent frescoes. Even if you’re not seeing a show here, you can take a guided tour of this elegant theater, which includes a peek at the backstage area. Rumor has it that the acoustics are great, and they sell champagne and empanadas during intermissions.

4. The Island of Inventions

This is THE place to visit if you have kids with you while traveling through Rosario. “The Island of Inventions” is an old train station that’s been converted into a place for children to explore, learn, and investigate the sciences, arts, and technology. There are shows, courses, presentations, and exhibits, but the most popular are the hands-on learning stations. Kids can try paper making, clay throwing, sawing, soldering, and painting. There’s also interactive wood-block printing, stargazing, and sand and slides to play on, so kids from very young to teenagers will be entertained.

5. Beach

Spend an afternoon on one of the city’s sandy riverside beaches.There’s Catalunya and the slightly nicer La Florida beach where you can lounge, rent chairs and umbrellas, and purchase snacks from vendors. Or if you’re feeling exclusive, head to one of the nearby private clubs like the Rosario Yacht Club where, if you’re not with a member, you’ll need to pay for a visitor’s day pass. With that you’ll get access to their bar, restaurant, and amazing swimming pool overlooking the river. Walk along the water, have drinks at Mojito Beach Bar or Nenina Cocktails, or grab a meal at one of the many casual fish restaurants nearby.

6. Basílica Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Rosario

A bit plain on the outside, this cathedral is ornate and beautiful on the inside. As you’re wandering the streets of Rosario, head inside for a quick look (or attend a service if you like). The Italian marble altar is magnificent, as is the architecture of the domes, and the frescoes painted on the ceiling. Located in the oldest part of the city, the tree-lined Plaza 25 de Mayo is right out front, and the church itself is just next to the municipal building, el Palacio de los Leones. This area is part of the original settlement of the city, and the first parish was built here in 1731 when Rosario was just a tiny village on the river.

7. Parque de la Independencia

This is the city’s largest park, and it contains gardens, a lake where you can rent paddle boats or feed the ducks, and fountains that put on a great “dancing waters” show. It’s also home to various food vendors, a history museum, a fine arts museum, and a children’s play area. Also located within the boundaries of the park, you’ll find the fútbol stadium, Estadio Marcelo Bielsa, home to Newell’s Old Boys. It has its own museum which you can wander inside, but it’s not open on match days.


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