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Viña del Mar is a coastal resort city northwest of Santiago, Chile. It’s known for its gardens, beaches and high-rise buildings. Walk along its streets and be taken back to last century’s golden age. Numerous castles and old mansions that belonged to wealthy families adorn the city and are today elegant museums or recreation centers. Among these, the glamorous Municipal Casino is a nighttime must-see. Experience its intense cultural and artistic life with a large variety of concerts and prestigious music festivals. The iconic one, the Viña del Mar Song Festival, held in February every year, is an activity that music lovers mustn’t miss.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to Viña del Mar in Chile is from january until december, in which you have a soft or pleasant temperature and none till mediocre rainfall.

Top Places to Visit in Viña del Mar

  1. La Campana National Park

In 1834, Charles Darwin made it to the top of the hill the park is named after. From that moment on this place became a magnet for nature lovers.Feel like a real explorer and visit the forest inside the reserve and see one of the last Chilean Palm Tree forests in the world. Follow in Darwin’s footsteps and walk along the trails that lead to the La Campana Hill to be amazed by the majestic view from here. You’ll be able to see a 30-meter-tall waterfall as well as how the more than 100 species of animals that live here spend their days.

2. Viña del Mar Coastline

Also known as the “garden city”, Viña del Mar mesmerizes tourists with its daytime and nighttime activities throughout the year. Come and enjoy its beaches, its excellent fish and shellfish based food and of course, the music of local and international artists in the International Song Festival, the most important one in Latin America, during February.

3. Wulff Castle

Pretty Castillo Wulff, built by a prominent Valparaíso businessman in the early 20th century, hangs out over the sea: pass through the art exhibitions to the tower at the back, where you can peer through the thick glass floor at the rocks and waves below.

4. Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck

The original moai (an Easter Island statue) standing guard outside the Museo de Arqueología e Historia Francisco Fonck is just a teaser of the beautifully displayed archaeological finds from Easter Island within, along with Mapuche silverwork and anthropomorphic Moche ceramics. Upstairs are old-school insect cases and taxidermied Chilean fauna.

5. Reñaca

Parties, Bohemian life, beaches, fun and more is what you’ll find in Reñaca during the summer months. Enjoy your day on the beautiful beaches, with outdoor activities and good restaurants for all tastes. For a night out on the town, let your hair down and shine under the spotlight in the local clubs and discos. If a mix of sports and fun is what you are after, you can surf at the different beaches.

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